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What is story consulting?

Professional consulting services are not just one manís viewpoint of the written material. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and one manís eye does not determine the success or failure of a creative project. Instead, professional story consulting seeks to determine what the ideal is for a specific project, then analyze where and how the material deviates from the ideal, and how to get the material back on track so as to be as close to the ideal as possible, within budgetary and creative constraints, and thus be as successful as possible in the marketplace.

Why do I need story consulting?

The #1 most important creative element of any film or TV project is its story. Animation is just a communication medium on which a story is conveyed to the audience. It is not the communication. Pretty animation is pleasing to the eye, but it is the story that the audience is after. It is the story that moves them to laughter or tears. A film or TV series is only as good as its writing. A bad story, no matter how well produced, will make a bad film. But a good story, even with inexpensive production values, can make a good film. Why risk having a bad story? No matter what stage of production your feature or series is in, if you havenít had the plot and characters professionally evaluated you are putting your entire budget at risk. The sooner in the production process you bring in a professional story consultant, with experience in the global marketplace, the better your final story will be, and the more money your project will generate.

What will I learn from a story analysis?

These are just some of the questions that will be answered from a thorough story analysis:

Does your story have global appeal?
Does it have crossover potential?
Is it appropriate for the age and makeup of your intended audience?
Is it maximally merchandisable?
Are the characters properly developed?
Is the story properly structured, with an effective setup, theme, inciting incident, turning points, midpoint, crisis, climax and resolution?

What consulting services do you provide?

Concept Analysis
Character Analysis
Treatment Analysis
Plot Structure Analysis
Screenplay Analysis
Series Development Analysis
Character Design Analysis



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